Philips Light Bulbs: Light up Your Home with Functionality and Style

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Lighting can do more than just illuminate your house – it sets the mood of a room. Depending on your choice of light bulbs, your room may appear happy and festive or serene and intimate. Lighting can bring out your personality and style. Philips recognizes this and offers light bulbs also known for their functionality aside from energy efficiency. Among Philips' line of light bulbs are Philips 70-Watt T60 Halogena Energy Saver and  Philips 72-Watt A19 EcoVantage Natural Light.

These two can change the look and ambiance of your room. Philips 72-Watt A19 EcoVantage provides a luminance that will go well together with any design and style of any room or any part of a room. Philips 70-Watt T60 Halogena can make a lively scene out of a dim place with its luminosity. It emits about as much light as a 100-watt bulb.

A specific furniture or part of a room can also be highlighted with the use of either as both are ideal for floor as well as table lamps. Aside from table and floor lamps, Philips 70-Watt T60 Halogena is also ideal on ceiling mounted fixtures.
Both can be used with dimmers and have no mercury making them preferable than compact fluorescents. Aside from that, Philips 70-Watt Halogena has a life unaffected by frequent on-and-off activity, and it reaches its peak brightness as soon as it is switched on.

Both also boast of being energy efficient. This particular Philips EcoVantage can give you 25% energy savings. Meanwhile, the abovementioned Philips T60 Halogena may not be as energy efficient as compact fluorescents but it uses a lot less energy than incandescent bulbs, giving you as much as 30% energy savings.
Philips also offers other varieties of halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, HID bulbs, and specialty bulbs. Philips light bulbs are available worldwide. You may purchase them from local stores or online.

Try reinventing your rooms by giving each one a different atmosphere showing your personal style by using these Philips light bulbs. Get one now either from your local store or online. Hurry before sellers run of stocks, as these light bulbs are very in-demand these days.

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Philips Light Bulbs: Light up Your Home with Functionality and Style

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This article was published on 2010/10/01